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Powerball - fitness sport rehabilitation


Discover this addictive new multi-faceted device that is quickly spreading in the hands of young and old alike!



Introducing the Powerball Wrist Trainer! It is a pocket-sized baseball-sized device that can be used for fitness, sports, rehabilitation or entertainment and is fun, enjoyable and highly addictive. Due to its smooth yet dynamic, shock-free nature and compact size, it can be used anywhere and anytime in your free time!


At the beginning, we don't understand the interest of this object. But once you accelerate the movement, the feeling is amazing. One has the impression that the Powerball is increasingly heavy. After a few minutes, we find ourselves with several kilos at the end of the arm.


The Powerball is a real muscle-builder. It primarily muscles the forearm. But it is also used to build up the biceps and even the shoulder, depending on the gesture performed.





Builds hand and grip strength. Professional athletes need to use various methods to train their strength, including arms, feet, waist, etc. And today, this Powerball Gyroscope wrist fitness ball is an effective tool to improve arm strength. This product, made of high quality material, can strengthen grip, muscle, arm and flexibility


Cool and high quality lighting. If you turn on the LED lights inside, the ball will light up. The Powerball Gyroscope Fitness is an entertaining and powerful training device with which you can build up your upper body strength with a daily workout of a few minutes. This little tennis ball sized ball is a technical marvel: it consists of a heavy gyroscopic rotor rotating freely in a solid plastic housing with integrated LED lights and its own power supply.



Strengthening of hands, wrists and forearms. This gives your hands, wrists and forearms a workout with strength training. It can develop and sculpt your grip and forearm muscles to improve baseball, tennis, golf games and most sports. It can help prevent and relieve repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and RSI. Lightweight and easy to carry. It's a compact and easy way to work out without going to the gym. Lightweight, portable and perfect for travel. It's a great gift for anyone who doesn't have time to exercise. Easy care keep it away from dusty environments.Don't put it on a carpet or any other fabric.Through the rotor, dust can get into the inner surface of the case and contaminate the inner tracks.









Build up your finger strength. Hold the ball upside down with your fingers only. Keep your fingers straight and move your hand gently. This keeps the Powerball spinning and provides resistance for your fingers to grip. This is a great toning exercise for the hand and finger muscles to increase finger strength.


    We use it every day and yet we can't imagine how many muscles there are in the hand. So how can we work on our hand strength?

    The Powerball is recommended by many physiotherapists for wrist and elbow rehabilitation. It is also used by many tennis players and swimmers. What is interesting with the Powerball for rehabilitation is that you can adapt its power to your strength. Little by little you will be able to increase the speed of movement and thus work more on the wrist and elbow joints.

    If you respect this way of doing things, you will promote a faster and smoother rehabilitation. Again, ask your doctor and physical therapist for advice. Other than tendonitis in my wrist and elbow, I don't have a major arm injury. I haven't really used the Powerball as a rehabilitation tool, but I know several people who have had positive effects after an injury.

    The Powerball is also used for rehabilitation following carpal tunnel syndrome, i.e. compression of the median nerve at the wrist. Similarly, the Powerball is also used for rehabilitation following a shoulder injury.


    As mentioned above, it is also used as an object of musculation of the forearm, the biceps and the shoulder. It is also used to work the joints of the arm and hand, reducing the risk of RSI (musculoskeletal disorders), and as a warm-up for the wrist, elbow and shoulder. Also, I find the Powerball very effective for working on hand grip strength. Very useful to have a better grip in various sports and in particular in climbing, discipline that I practice from time to time.




    Material: ABS,
    aluminum alloy Color: blue, purple, orange, green
    Quantity: 1 piece
    Light source: LED X 4
    Battery: built-in
    Size: 2.75 x 2.75 x 2.24 inches


    • 1 x Powerball


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