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Fly Trap Ecological and Reusable

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     Fly Trap Ecological and Reusable 

     This fly trap is effective and environmentally friendly. It is safe and easy to use. It catches a large number of flies. It is widely used in parks, family farms (farmer's market), canteens, restaurants, slaughterhouses, farms, restrooms, near compost piles in fields and other public places. Get yours and watch the flies disappear.

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    Each fly trap covers an area of 23 meters.
    Catch and kill up to 20,000 flies.
    Protect your farm, home and property from fly invasion.


      Assembly Instructions:

      Clip the inner cone onto the top of the net. Slide the green bowl into the iron circle on the bottom of the net. Put the bait in the bowl. Hang the trap in a dense fly area.

      To empty the trap:

      Remove the bottom of the trap. Turn the conical part upside down. Discard flies in a bag.

      Fly bait not included:

      Suggested bait: Cat food mixed with water or eggs, milk, and water mixep up  

      Place the trap anywhere outside where you think you will need it.
      Empty the trap after a few days
      Easy to use, environmentally friendly and safe to use:
      It can be hung, folded and reused. It is easy to use and clean.

      Premium materials:

      Made of high quality gauze mesh, environmentally friendly.

      Diameter: 9.8 inches
      Height: 15.7 inches

      Package includes:
      1 x Reusable Fly Trap


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        Fly Trap Ecological and Reusable

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