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Body Heating Electric blanket

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Mini Heating Electric blanket

For Pain Relief of Back Neck and Shoulder

As we age, the body produces less heat. The heating blanket becomes in this case an answer to the needs of the most frigid seniors.
Soft, comfortable and technically efficient, the heating blanket allows to compensate for the body's thermostat disturbances.


Temperature and Timer Settings for Your Needs
you can control the temperature of this Mini Heating Electric blanket via the LED controller, it can adjust the temperature easily with 6 temperature setting to accommodate your comfort level.
The temperature range is from 40℃ to 60℃. This large auto shut off heating lanket for back pain can heat in seconds with fast heating technology to provide fast pain relief to aching muscles 


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Indeed, with the passing years, changes in metabolisms lead to

A decrease in the capacity to adapt to temperature changes
A decrease in muscle mass and fat layer, thermal insulators
A greater dispersion of heat in the body

The heated blanket provides relief and soothing by producing a diffuse heat thanks to the electrical system. A remote control regulates the temperature and the duration of its action.


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Provide Full Body Relief
Extra large king size 12” x 24” heating pad for pain relief, perfect for treating sore muscles in your back, neck, shoulders, abdomen, legs, arms and so on. Suitable for different people like pregnant women, women with menstrual cramps, people with cramps, athletes, older people, etc.

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The causes of low back and neck pain can be multiple and of various origins. During your evaluation, your physiotherapist will help you determine the cause(s) of your pain in order to plan an appropriate treatment plan.

1. A specific injury, caused by:
A wrong movement;
Lifting a load with poor technique;
Lifting a load with inadequate stabilization.

2. Poor posture
Prolonged static position: sitting or standing for long periods of time;
Inadequate or non-optimal adjustment of the workstation or telecommuting

3. Poor adaptation or rapid progression in a sport or activity
In physiotherapy, we talk about quantification of mechanical stress, which means that the body is capable of anything if given enough time. Joints, muscles or ligaments are used, overloaded and solicited rapidly, without adequate progression and adaptation to changes:
Rapid, non-progressive increase in running volume.
Increasing the number of hours sitting in front of the computer.

4. Weakness or failure of the muscular system
Sometimes pain is caused not by our activities, but by a weakness in the muscular system, including:
Muscle tension
Lack of strength / muscle imbalance
Lack of deep stabilization

5. Psychosocial component
Stress and anxiety are just two examples of the more psychological component that can impact pain perception.

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Telerehabilitation is an approach recognized by the Professional Order of Physiotherapy to effectively provide quality care for low back and neck pain in a context where face-to-face follow-up is impossible. It is also an effective way to support the continuity of your care during this period of physical distance.

6 levels of heat settings
Customize your comfort with 6 heat settings you choose. You can choose to let the blanket run continuously or use the timer to adjust your heat setting for up to 2 hours. The unique counter shows you the readiness of your blanket as it heats up.

Thérapie par la chaleur pour la rigidité musculaire
Après une longue journée stressante, il est naturel de ressentir une raideur au niveau du cou ou des épaules. Si elle n'est pas traitée, cette raideur peut provoquer une accumulation de tension, des douleurs musculaires et des maux de tête.

Relaxing sore muscles
Thermotherapy can increase blood flow and relax tight, sore muscles. You'll appreciate the soft fabric and easy-to-reach, easy-to-use digital controls.

Soothing heat in 30 seconds
The heated blanket technology provides heat relief in 30 seconds for quick warmth and relief. Feel the work of heat therapy to help increase blood flow to painful areas for faster muscle relaxation and healing.

Push button ON/OFF switch
IC control box with LED indication
6 temperature levels to set (140℉ /104℉ to 60℃ /140℉)
4 levels of timer to set (30/60/90/120min.)
One circuit ensures constant temperature
Fuse inside the controller
Material: COTTON
Hand washable and machine washable.









4 Timer Settings

6 Temp Settings

Auto shut-off

Fast Heating

Machine Washable



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Body Heating Electric blanket

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Body Heating Electric blanket

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