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Bracelet 7 energy chakras

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Bracelet 7 energy chakras



Do you have a chakra bracelet that you need to activate?

It is said that activating a chakra stone bracelet allows you to use its full potential.

This means that it will balance your energy, which is supposed to promote health and protection.

But how do you do it?

In this article, we'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to activate your chakra bracelet.


On which wrist should I wear a chakra bracelet?
It depends on your intention.

Wear the bracelet on your left wrist if you intend to correct problems within yourself. Wear it on your right wrist if the problems come from external factors.

What does this mean?

The reason there is some confusion about which wrist to wear a chakra bracelet on is due to the flow of energy in our bodies.

In many Eastern traditions, the left hand is considered the receiving end of the body. The right hand, on the other hand, is known to be the projection side of the body.

Wearing the bracelet on the left wrist promotes healing from within. For example, it is ideal if you intend to reduce the stress caused by your own thoughts and emotions.

The same is true if your intention is to protect yourself from the negativity created by your thoughts and feelings.

On the other hand, wearing it on your right wrist inspires healing from external factors. For example, this is recommended if your intention is to reduce work-related stress or to protect yourself from the toxic behaviors of others.

Remember this rule as it is crucial to know which hand to wear a chakra bracelet on if you want to activate your crystal healing tool.

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The 5 steps to activate a chakra bracelet
Activating a chakra healing bracelet means aligning its vibrations with your own energy.

When your personal energy is aligned with the frequency of the bracelet, you open yourself to the healing powers of the gemstones.

This is also called charging the bracelet.

Here are five easy steps to charge a chakra bracelet:

1. Clean the bracelet

Gemstones accumulate negative energy all the time, and that includes new chakra bracelets.

Before you start wearing your bracelet, it is important to clean it.

There are many ways to do this. You can use a fumigation stick, moonlight or brown rice.


2. Identify your intentions
A chakra bracelet is a tool you can use to harness the power of gems. Before you wear your bracelet, you must first assign an intention to it.

Ask yourself what you want your chakra stone bracelet to do. Do you want it to cure certain ailments or protect you from negativity?

Whatever your intention, write it down as a mantra or affirmation. Stay positive to attract good energies, such as:

"I am cured of anxiety."
"My mind is at peace."
"I am protected from illness."

Remember, the clearer the intention for which you wear the chakra stone bracelet, the stronger its power.


3. Start meditating
Hold the bracelet.
Begin by sitting comfortably on the floor or in a chair and closing your eyes.
Breathe in and out deeply, feeling the energy of your surroundings.
Do this until you begin to feel soothing sensations around you.

The seven chakras are the energy centers in our bodies that allow energy to be absorbed inward. It is important to understand what each chakra represents because when you are stressed or depressed, energy can become blocked in one or all of your chakras.


4. Focus your energy on the bracelet
When you are ready, feel the subtle vibrations of the chakra stones.
Then repeat your mantra or affirmation for the bracelet.
Feel the energy of the gems flowing through your body as you meditate.
Allow yourself to experience all the wonderful things the bracelet can do for you. 


5. Wear the bracelet on your wrist
Once you are done loading the gems, it is time to put them on.

Be sure to wear the bracelet as long as possible.
The best way to activate the tool is to wear it every day. This will keep its vibrations in tune with your personal energy.

Once you have charged the bracelet with your intentions, it is best to repeat the mantra or affirmation every morning or before bed.
This will help you keep the energy of the crystal in harmony with your intentions throughout the day and beyond.

 The natural stones representing the 7 Chakras have virtues acting on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. They allow to balance and harmonize the energy centers of your 7 Chakras.








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Bracelet 7 energy chakras

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